Knights of Nemesis Social Club and Parade Membership

Dues for this membership for the this years parade will be $200.00 if you pay by the July, board meeting. after that date the cost will be $250.00. This membership runs from March to February the following year, for this year's Mardi Gras season. This level of membership gives you passage into our monthly socials, which includes food. It also secures the member a spot on a float and includes the costume along with the special insurance required for float riders. Registration closes December 31.

As in the past, we will be drawing for float positions at our March Board Meeting for those 18 floats that have 18 paid in full members and then each board meeting agter that. This drawing will be open to all Men's floats, all Women's floats, Family floats and Mixed floats.

Click for membership application (PDF)